The Xtensor

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Reverse Grip Hand Exerciser

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The Xtensor works by rebalancing overworked hands strengthening as you extend the fingers open.

  • Patented Hand Strengthener, Strengthens the muscles as you open your hand,
    helping to reverse issues stemming from a life time of gripping and squeezing
  • Focus on Individual Finger Strength to address problems that traditional hand strength tools overlook
  • Hand Grip Exerciser is meant to Correct Muscle Problems and Increase Blood Flow
    to the Affected Area; Restores Vital Nutrients to the Muscle and Tendons
  • Helps People with Arthritis Reduce Hand Pain and Stiffness while also Improving Finger
    Function and Movement for better finger mobility
  • No Assembly Required; Combining this hand grip strengthener with the Clinically Fit
    EZElbowPro system will Provide Long Term Relief from tennis elbow, or epicondylitis, and other issues such as rheumatoid arthritis
  • This product is great for strengthening hand muscles.
  • Creates an interesting dynamic for your fingers, the opposite of a squeeze ball.
  • Very good exercise, for increasing resistance and power as well as recovering from surgery
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Can this product be used by children from 4 to 6 years old?
Answer: The size of the main unit would be larger than the hand of a normal 6 yr old hence it would not be possible .You could simply string 5 ordinary rubber bands together ..loop the ends around the child’s finger tips and make the child open and close his or her fingers to get almost the same benefit.


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Technical Specifications

  • 1 – Xtensor Hand Exerciser
  • 5 – Fingerbands
  • 1 – Dual Sided Thumbband

    1 – Wrist Strap