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Pivit Stand Assist Patient Transport Lift 450 lbs

Posted on 11 September, 2018 By In Mobility With no comments

Pivit Stand Assist Patient Transport Lift 450 lbs



  • Lightweight, Steel Construction Supports Industry Leading 450 lbs and Backed By 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • TRANSPORT FUNCTIONS OF ALL KINDS ARE QUICK CONVENIENT AND REQUIRE MINIMAL CAREGIVER ASSISTANCE – The Pivit all-in-one solution to regaining mobility not just for the loved one, but the caregiver as well. Our excellent tool for transfers between seated surfaces proves to be quick and simple to use. All that is required is for the patient to have the arm strength to lift themselves with the hand grips, where they will land in a standing position Once standing, the folding seat behind the patient
  • UNIQUE BASE LEGS OPEN/CLOSE FOR EASY ACCESS TO CHAIRS, AND TOILETS – Legs open wide enough to fit around any seated surface for easier patient transfers. The base opens and closes manually to allow for simple usage and provide a convenient toileting alternative to a wheelchair. The aid may be rolled to the patient until their knees touch the knee support pads, where the open seat may be lowered behind the patient.
  • BUILT TO ENSURE USER SAFETY – Comes equipped with non-slip footrests to provide the patient with a stable surface. The featured grab bar is made to fit comfortably in the hand to allow the user to lift themselves up off a sitting surface. There are also hooks on either side to allow for additional side support straps to be used when a safer transfer is needed.
  • PREMIUM ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED DUAL KNEE PADS AND SEAT PADS – The premium shin and knee pads ensure user comfort on each side while providing the support needed for the patient to use the product confidently. The seat is also well padded to reduce pressure points and allow for maximum patient comfort.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, STEEL CONSTRUCTION IS EASY TO MOVE AND FITS THROUGH NARROW DOORWAYS – With an industry leading weight capacity of 450lbs and the ability to comfortably fit through doorways for enhanced mobility, these transfer aids are great for patients and caregivers. The base can be adjusted for a variety of patient needs and to allow for transfer through doorways unlike our competitors.
    • Transport functions of all kinds are quick, convenient, and require minimal caregiver assistance
    • Makes it easier and safer to move disabled patients from place to place, wheelchair to bed, car, bath chair, commode or wherever once before was not possible or easily accessible
    • A convenient toileting alternative to a wheelchair and an affordable alternative to electric sit-to-stand lifts or hoyer hydraulic lifts
  • The user of the product explains: when I stand, my knees are not straightened due to the knee support being way inside. So I had to remove the inner bar which I used for holding myself so my knees could get straight in standing position, but then I realized I was leaning way forward.
  • The design could be better in many of its parts. Specifically, in the support area of the legs, the support cushions are not entirely fixed to the legs
  • Compared to other transportation solutions on the market, it is the cheapest, but there are other better but more expensive


Will this fit through a door opening of 27.5″? It says max width of base is 26.8″- is that the widest part of whole unit? Inside of legs or outside?
It will fit through the door because the base expands and contracts if you get the one for up 450 lbs.


Measuring from the floor, what is the height of each horizontal grab bar?
The bars are not parallel to the floor. I would guess they are at approximately a 10 to 15 degree angle to the floor.


how big are the wheels? Also, will it easily roll over a slightly raised sill of a doorway?
The wheels are not really big. I use this machine with my 90 year old grandpa who weighs about 300 lbs. It does NOT roll over the entry way easily, or on carpet. Best on linolium.

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Technical Specifications

    • Specifications:
      • Minimum base width 26.8″
      • Maximum base width 37′
      • Overall height 43.3″
      • Base height 4.5″
      • Minimum seat height 26.7″
      • Seat width 20″
      • Overall length 35.4″
      • Unit weight 71lb