Panthera X

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Panthera X



Panthera X has the chassis and back rest frame made in carbon fibre The carbon fibres fantastic lightness and strength makes Panthera X by far the lightest wheelchair in the world, with a transport weight of incredible 2,1 kg.

With new state of the art technology to place the fibres in the right direction we have increased the strength even more. The lightness and stiffness of the chassis makes Panthera X fantastic to drive and to lift into, e.g. a car.

Panthera X has a built-in rear axle, just like Panthera U2 light, To balance the chair you choose one of the 4 positions of the attachment for the backrest. The angle of the backrest is adjustable and the backrest height can be selected between 22 and 35 in steps of 1 cm. The footrest is adjustable in height.

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Technical Specifications

  • Your Panthera is designed to be virtually maintenance free. A few parts do require regular checking however.
    (Naturally you should clean and check the chair more often if you use it in more extreme environments such
    as in sand or salt water)