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How To Choose A Ramp For A Wheelchair

Posted on 28 July, 2018 By In Ramps With no comments

Wheelchair ramps are often required to install at residential and commercial buildings to allow safe and easy mobility for assistive equipment on uneven grounds. There are a variety of ramps available in the market such as threshold ramps, suitcase ramps, Multi-fold ramp, solid ramps, modular ramps, track ramps, etc. Still, most people find it difficult to choose right ramp for their premises. Well! If you are facing same trouble, prefer to go through the details below to ease your decision-making process:

Check ramp weight capacity

The first and most essential feature that you need to analyze before making the final selection for any ramp is its weight carrying capacity. If it is not able to meet your requirements, you may have to face sudden ramp failure leading to huge inconvenience. Most of the ramps are designed to allow minimum 300 pounds weight, and it includes the weight of passenger with equipment. However, the bariatric ramps can handle weight up to 900 pounds.


Price of the ramp

Pricing usually varies as per the material of ramp. Aluminum is considered as one of the easiest and lightest ramps for movements; on the other side, the wooden ramps ease setup process and they are budgets friendly as well. While making a selection for a wheelchair ramp, it is better to make a selection as per geographic location and personal preferences of the user. In case if you live in a rainy or snow affected area, the galvanized steel ramps can serve better.

Fixed or portable ramp design

The wheelchair ramps can be portable as well as fixed type; users can select any of them as per requirement. When you need to carry your ramp to various road trips or family visits, the portable one can serve you better. These ramps can be easily placed between any high point like vehicle doorway, a step or curb to ease the movement on the ground. Fixed ramps allow permanent installations in buildings. You can find one that consumes lesser exterior space and has a gentler slope for movement.

Ramp usage preferences

While purchasing wheelchair ramp, it is important to pick a design as per the need of your installation point. Portable ramps are suitable for vehicles, but you need to choose one with dedicated vehicle door width. The fixed ramps on the other side must ensure unobstructed space at the entry door of your home or office. It is better to follow the ADA standards to pick the best ramp. You can also take help from professionals at Discubre to select best wheelchair ramp.


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