Wheelchairs for bariatric transport

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Obesity Market in the USA

Current statistics show that in a market like the USA, obesity is affecting 1/3 of the population, which translates into approximately 58 million Americans.

Several studies have shown that in the United States almost 25% of people with disabilities were obese compared to 15% of people without disabilities, these data can be extrapolated to several countries in our environment and in Latin America.

Clearly, even people with normal strength are not able to functionally propel a wheelchair beyond a certain weight. Because rolling resistance is related to weight, a person with a disability and who is obese will require more force to drive a manual wheelchair.

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The number of people using wheelchairs in the United States is estimated at about 2.2 million. Worldwide, it is estimated that between 100 and 130 million people with disabilities need wheelchairs, yet less than 10% have access to one. Experts predict that the number of people who need wheelchairs will increase by 22% over the next ten years.

Bariatric Wheelchairs

In the United States, there are more than 170 wheelchair manufacturers, and the wheelchair market is expected to grow exponentially. This growth is due to the aging of baby boomers, the growth of life and a rapid aging of the population. In the United States alone, wheelchairs account for about 1% of Medicare spending. It is therefore clear that the market for wheelchairs for bariatric transport will be a problem that will require cheaper and more efficient solutions.

Due to the fact that about one-third of the American population is now obese, wheelchair manufacturers continue to react slowly to the demand for bariatric mobility equipment, providing opportunities for new players in the marketplace. All this could lead to further product innovation and intense competition in the market for wheelchairs for bariatric transport.

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Power wheelchair systems feature front-wheel drive, center drive and rear-wheel drive. This meets the demand for different handling characteristics of driving in different conditions. This type of wheelchair for bariatric transport can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Typically, wheelchairs for bariatric transport are used for people who weigh more than 250 pounds – about 114 kilos – and who have a BMI greater than 25. These types of wheelchairs are built to handle the extra mass to custom products that can accommodate people weighing up to 1000 pounds.

One of the major mobility challenges for people using the bariatric transport wheelchair is the additional width of the wheelchair, which in some cases is up to 60 inches-152 inches.

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In addition, due to the rapid aging of the population, more people are fragile and need mobility assistance. Although the market is recognizing the need for bariatric wheelchairs, there are some constraints affecting growth in this segment. These include the lack of training and expertise to manage obese patients and there is a lack of caregivers in this particular segment.

In addition, there are no specific minimum weight or code requirements in the manufacture of bariatric wheelchairs for transportation.

In this video, we can see how to make the measurements to find the most suitable wheelchair.


North America and Europe are the fastest growing markets in the future for wheelchair bariatric transport. Factors such as rising rates of non-communicable diseases leading to disability and a growing epidemic of obesity are factors that contribute to the growth of bariatric wheelchair transport market in these regions. In addition, government regulations in the health field are giving more people access to bariatric transport wheelchairs.

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