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How to choose between different types of walkers for elderly

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The objective of the variety of walkers for elderly people is to be more independent, Improve autonomy,  increase safety and quality of life. of elder people with reduced mobility.

Top 5 Best Walker for Elderly in 2018

Product Name Max Weight Cap. (lbs) Adj. Handle Height (inches) Foldable? Seat & Backrest? Storage Area?
Drive Medical Best Walker For Elderly
1. Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator.
300 31″ – 75″
Hugo Elite Best Walker For Elderly
2. Hugo Elite RollatorWalker
300 30″ – 39″
Drive Medical Nitro Best Walker For Elderly
3. Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Walker
300 33.5″ – 38.25″
Deluxe Walker Best Walker For Elderly
4. Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker
350 32″ – 39″
Nova Traveler Best Walker For Elderly
5. NOVA Traveler 3-Wheeled Rollator Walker
250 33″ – 37.25″

They are designed in order to develop their day-to-day tasks without complications or loss of health.

Walker types varieties:

You have different options of walkers with two and four wheels, with basket, brakes, space  for canes, and different seats and heights, foldable or reduced dimensions.

The choices are huge and walkers for the elderly become always more sophisticated. Therefore, it gets harder to choose the right walker  and is vital in order to offer the greatest comfort to elderly people.

Depending on the age, the pathology, the degree of disability and the needs of each person it will be better to choose one type of walker or another, last but not least we must assess the use that will be given: indoor, outdoor  or both.

Thus, if its use will be exclusively for interiors, it is advisable to bet on walkers for elderly people who are fixed in small dimensions such as the classic walker model

walker ofr indoor

Drive Medical 10200-1 Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker, Silver

if there are many square meters and amplitude we recommend some more bulky model with wheels.

Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker with 5-Inch Wheels


On the other hand if we want to use the walker outdoor, it must include a system of front and rear wheels to ensure greater comfort before unevenness or slopes.

The rollators models offer all kinds of accessories such as seats, baskets and brakes. In addition, they are easy to fold and save.

For example one of the most complete walkers is the rollator model with 4 aluminum wheels.

rollator walker with 4 wheels

Finally, the weight of the walker for the elderly will determine the final choice. Depending on the material it is manufactured it will be more agile or it will need more maintenance.

We advise more the walkers in aluminum, a material that offers the same resistance as steel and resist better against moisture and corrosion, lighter especially for people with lreduced physical strength.

When you have the need to purchase a walker for the elderly you should compare all types of models, ensuring that it adapts to each lifestyle.

Don’t forget to purchase also some walkers accessories that you might need for your daily living.

Also be aware that if you are looking for a walker it might be a good time to use other supplies such as lift chairs and articulated beds.


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