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How to choose the best crutches in 2018

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If you recently suffered an injury to a knee, foot or ankle and are obliged to use crutches. It’s very important that you know how to select the best solution to your injury. The crutches have existed for thousands of years and models and features haven’t changed much.

Although it has been proven that crutches effectively discharge the weight of the injured leg or foot accelerating the recovery time, the models offered in many cases, are extremely uncomfortable.

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Most of us have used crutches in at a certain point due to an injury, either for light injuries, such as sprains  or in the final phase of rehabilitation after a surgery or a more serious injury.

It’s a product that amortize the footprint and prevents all the weight of the body to fall on the healthy foot, limiting the risk to suffer an injury to the healthy leg. It has a support with handle to grip with the hand. It allows to balance and move the user with maximum security, thanks to the tip with which it is equipped in its base.



We can differentiate between crutches for adults and children. The main difference really lies in the latter. Kids crutches have characteristics that make them specific for the smallest, such as color, children’s design and naturally its dimensions.

Crutches can be distinguished by models. There are mainly two types which basically are the Canadian crutches and axillary crutches.

The first are conventional crutches, which are used by the vast majority of users who are forced to depend on them to move around; They are made of lightweight aluminum and have a molded plastic structure to accommodate the forearm during the use of the crutch and a structure that ends in a non-slip end on the base.

You can also differentiate between the conventional support and quadripod crutches that give absolute stability at the time of starting and following the march.



On the other hand, axillary crutches are used in pairs or individually and make the weight of the user fall on the shoulders. They are the most traditional, very comfortable to travel long distances thanks to the stability they offer.

The structure where to place the arm can be molded plastic or wood, with a smooth surface that helps to make the support more comfortable.

There are also crutches to use in more irregular terrains, as amphibian crutches. These are manufactured in shock-resistant and water-resistant thermoplastic, since their main purpose is to be able to use them in water, either in swimming pools or on the beach. Another feature is that they have no metal parts, so they can be used in scanners, resonances and X-ray reviews.

All these aspects can be assessed in the shopping guide of crutches that we have developed on our website

Below you will find a list of the best crutches options that are available today, the best part is that all these crutch alternatives are available in the DISCOVER catalog.



Folding crutches

They are usually the most popular option since they have been designed to be able to take them anywhere. In addition, if at any given time the patient no longer needs it, he can fold it and store it both in a bag, in the trunk of the vehicle, in a special cover .

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Crutches with shock absorber

This crutches have a shock absorber above the area of ​​the endplate minimizing the impact of the cane at the moment when it is placed on the ground when we are walking. The great advantage of this is that it will prevent injuries to the joints of the upper extremities.


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Crutches with folding handle

These other crutches are usually complemented with those of the first type, making them even simpler to use and adapting exactly to the user’s hand.


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Support crutches on the forearm with different angles

Its use is not so usual. It is usually used when the patient’s hand can not support the weight of his entire body. For example, in cases of rheumatoid polyarthritis.

adjustable crutch

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Crutches with 4 legs

If what we need is to achieve greater stability when walking, there are these crutches that have the ability to increase the base of support. They will minimize accidents and help the user to always receive the support he needs.

Within the innovations of the market a product with grant popularity in the USA, and that can be bought already in Spain is the Knee Walker

Lvmiao crutches Telescopic


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Within the innovations of the market a product with grant popularity in the USA, and that can be bought already in Europe is the Knee Walker





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Por último, tenemos también un modelo de gran popularidad como son las Muletas antebrazo KMINA, diseñadas como muletas cómodas de aluminio que evitan el dolor de manos.




Finally, we also have a very popular model such as the KMINA forearm crutches, designed as comfortable aluminum crutches that prevent hand pain.



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This article is merely  for information purposes, please consult medical specialists to advise you on the choice of your cane or crutch or walkers

You can find more information about other support products and orthopedics in our shopping guides




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