Why choose Discubre.com?

Discover is the platform that brings together all innovations and products related to the improvement of life of people with disabilities and functional diversity by pathology or age. It has a user community of over 350,000 people and a presence in 104 countries, which makes it one of the leaders in information and access to purchase support products and mobility. We open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Discubre.com also has a selection of specialized products, unique and challenging to find, under an affiliation model, so you buy in the pages of suppliers and market leaders like Amazon, 1800 wheelchair, effective aid, etc…

Why buy at Discubre?

The reasons to buy in Discubre are several:

  • It is comfortable; you do not have to leave the house.
  • It’s easy: we work with platforms where you already buy on a regular basis.
  • Purchases are fast since the basic data is already entered. Ideal to request invoices.
  • They bring you home. In large objects, bringing it home is a great advantage.
  • You can send packages to friends in a surprising way: as you can change the shipping address, you can send packages to friends and family easily.
  • Find things that you can not find in the stores in your city: some object from another country or area is easily found on the web.

How does it work for a user?

For users, our platform is simple and also free. We publish hundreds of products and novelties in products and services for people with disabilities, and also for seniors, in which we detail the technical information of the same, together with opinions and evaluations of the program. Once analyzed you can go shopping from our website to the vendor who sells it and all under a secure online model.

If I am a company, how can I collaborate?

For companies and professionals, we have developed the Be a Partner space, where we detail the necessary information, along with a contact form so that we can give you all the information you need.

Could it be that, depending on the country, a product cannot be shipped?

If many times some products have an exclusive sale in one country, and it is not sent to another, nevertheless there are global shipping models like those of Amazon that allow it to be sent to other countries even if it is purchased in Amazon USA or Amazon Spain.

Are you committed to any specific brand of products or services for people with disabilities and functional diversity?

No, our opinion and valuation platform is neutral, we are not linked to any brand in the market. Our goal is to provide the information in detail so that the end user can choose what they want based on their assessment.