Pegasus II

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Pegasus II



Semi-Power Stand up wheelchair
Roll manually with power stand up/sit down function.
Improves health by frequently standing position.
Excellent for user that can move one hand only.
Up/Down movement to be controlled by a small controller.
Adjustable leg length, seat depth and footrest tilting angle.
Quick release front and rear wheels for easier transport.
Great to serve as a physio therapy equipment for home or rehab center.


  • Seat Width Choices:- 16 Inch or 18 Inch
  • Seat Depth (Adjustable):- 18?, 19?, 20?
  • Total Width:- 24?(61cm) or 26? (66cm)
  • Total Length:- 39.8? (108cm)
  • Total Height (without backrest extension):- 31″ 78.5cm
  • Total Height (with backrest extension:- 33.3″/37.2″ (84.5-94.5cm)
  • Backrest height (without backrest extension):- 12″ (30.5cm)
  • Backrest height with backrest extension):- 14.8″ ~ 18.7″ (37.5-47.5cm)
  • Total Weight:- 35 kg (77 lbs)
  • Travel Weight (after detach front and rear wheels)”:- 30 kg (66 lbs)
  • Seat to Footplate range:- 17.5″ – 20″ (45 – 50 cm)


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Technical Specifications

  • Stand frequently can greatly improve the health of wheelchair users. Not only it prevents bedsore, it also improves bowl movement, heart & lung function, bone density. Minimize muscle spasm and joint stiffness.
  • You can control Up/Down movement by a small controller at the tip of armrest (can be either right or left side). Suitable for wheelchair users with only one workable hand or finger
  • Adjustable leg length, seat depth and even the footrest tilting angle to suit different users. Available in 14″, 16″ and 18″ seat width. (Shorter user can add on footrest adapter as accessories.)
  • Quick release front and rear wheels with foldable backrest for easier transport. It can fit in a car trunk after detached the wheels and backrest being folded.
  • Practise stand up and sit down frequently and stand as long as possible for maximum health benefit. Great to serve as a physiotherapy equipment for home or rehab center.