Padded U-Sling Without Head Support, Universal Patient Lift Sling, Size XLarge, 600lb Capacity

The Patient Aid Padded U-Sling was designed for patients that are totally or partially dependent, non-weight bearing, bariatric (obese) and have head and neck control. This Lift U Sling Fits Hoyer(R), Invacare(R), Drive(R), Medline(R), Lumex(R) and most other patient lift brands. The U-Sling is the easiest sling to use while transferring a patient from the seated position. The Universal sling without head support is constructed of a fully padded fabric that forms a soft yet supportive surface. It can be applied or removed easily by slipping it behind the patient while they are seated or in the reclined position. The U-Sling offers a wide opening which provides toileting access and is easier to slip on and off a patient then a normal full body patient sling. The U-Sling without head support molds around the patient’s body and eliminates the need to pull or drag the sling under the patient’s body and risk skin tears or other injuries like those that can occur when applying a full body patient sling. The Padded U-Sling is constructed with 4 positioning straps which provides a safe weight distribution of the patient while also allowing more flexibility in positioning the patient in the sling. The U-Sling without head support can be used for transfers from a bed to a chair, wheelchair, or toilet, chair to chair or from the floor to a bed or chair. This Patient Aid Universal sling is made with a soft solid polyester fabric which provides comfort, protects the patients with sensitive skin and prevents the patient from sliding while in the sling. This U sling has 4 reinforced attachment points to allow the sling to work with all competitive floor style patient lifts and their 2, 4 or 6-point spreader bars. The 600lb weight capacity allows the Universal sling to accommodate a wide variety of different size patients and their specific needs while providing good back and thigh support. Size XLarge. Recommended patient weight range of 325-600lbs. 1 year Limited Warranty.


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