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What is DISCUBRE’s buying guide and why is it important?

Discubre’s buying guide serves to help people through the purchasing process in order to take decisions regarding orthopedic supplies or aids for any need they may have due to disabilities, pathologies or age. The idea is to make it like a great book that collects and provides all the necessary informations and makes products comparisons that a person needs to help user choose the best solution in terms of orthopedic products for any need that may arise.

Through this guide we provide all the people with the information and technical knowledge they need to take a decision about which is the right solution for them.

In Discubre’s purchasing guide, you will see included things like product technical specifications, similar products comparisons and customers reviews and testimonials.

Its goal is to respond to any doubt that might surge to a person when you receive  a lot of specific information about a product or a service.

Sometimes we believe that choosing most known brands will solve our problems, we feel like that given their reputation they might have the best product or service and we tend not to look to alternatives as valid. Through orthopedic supplies and aids buying guides, we get access to many companies, which also offer the same product or service (for a lower price). We want you to have all tools that empower you to take the best decision. .

aids to prenvent falls and wandering

Why have we done these DISCUBRE’s buying guides?

The process of buying has changed over time and businesses need to change along with it. This section will describe the technical and valuable information on spply aids and/or orthopedics supplies and how a buyer’s guide can help potential customers feel more secure when it comes to purchase.

The online shopping process is completely different from what it was 10, 20 or 30 years ago.  The seller had control of the purchase process because they had all the information. It does not work like that today. Now, information is everywhere and the buyer is more determined than ever to ensure that they get the best deal and the best solution.

In Discubre we seek that our web users and our social networks can obtain all the information they need to make the best decision by offering everything in a  single space, in our catalog or in our showroom.


buying table comparison


Now you can see why it’s so important to use a buying guide, and how it can influence buying decisions.

What does it include the buying guide?


Step one: A comprehensive directory of products aids and/or orthopedic supplies.

The main objective of your buyer’s guide is to help you get a clear and informed decision. That’s why we have collected a broad directory of topics, such as: Daily Living, Mobility, Children, Home, Sports and Rehabilitation and Accessibility.

We have included a table of contents that shows in depth what will be covered in each section. For example, in mobility, we can include all aspects and information related to wheelchairs, walkers, walkers, crutches, canes, and so on; with its corresponding subcategories.


Step two: Detailed explanation of the product or service.

This section is intended to maximize the information on the product or service. In this section you will find:

1) General information.

2) Technical details.

3) How to use the product and the advantages.

Step three: supporting evidence of why you need to use that service or supply.

This section intends to increase the legitimacy of the product or service offered. It Includes statistics, customers testimonials and exploratory questions to think about before purchasing the supply or the service. Here’s what you can find:

1) Statistics and graphs.

2) Testimonials from clients and reputable companies that are already using the product or services.

3) A checklist prior to selection.

Step four: offer a comparison of similar products and services.

It will include a comparative table that will make it easier to see if your product or service is suitable for your needs. Checking characteristics and benefits of products and their alternatives in the market. This will allow people to easily search and know what products or services offered by companies have the features their needs.


The purchase process has changed and you must change along with it. By creating Discubre’s buying guide, we want to inform and offer a direct solution which at the same time offers alternatives to a user’s problem related to orthopedic supplies, aids or services.