Get back on the road and drive with Freedom!

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Get back on the road with the Freedom staff!
For most of us, learning to drive marked the beginning of an independence that marked a shift toward maturity. Being able to get into the car and having freedom of movement without waiting for a family member to be available gave us a sense of freedom that simply could not be compared to anything else and all thanks to Freedom.

Therefore, it may be difficult to imagine that someday, whether due to an accident or a slowly developing illness, you will suddenly be deprived of your ability to drive a vehicle on your own, and you will no longer be able to go where you wish, whenever you wish.


  • James Chapman’s wife did not have to imagine this: her world rapidly shrank as she developed a disability that meant she could no longer operate an automobile’s accelerator and brake pedals.James began looking for ways to improve his wife’s quality of life; in particular, he looked for an adaptive piece of mobility equipment that would allow his wife to drive again. However, each of the products he came across required him to permanently convert his vehicle into a carpool or purchase a completely new vehicle, and neither option was within the limits of the family budget.Seeing the need and designing an affordable solution, James Chapman invented the Freedom Staff as a way to give his wife the freedom to get back on the road.What differentiates the Freedom Staff from the competition?The Freedom Staff was named for the purpose it serves: to restore freedom to people who have lost the ability to drive conventionally. The Freedom Staff differs from other vehicle modification devices in several ways:

    It is lightweight and portable. Thanks to its convenient carrying bag, Freedom staff can be quickly disassembled and moved between vehicles or stored at home when not in use.
    It is compatible with almost any vehicle. Capable of being installed on almost any vehicle with automatic transmission, Freedom Staff eliminates the cost and inconvenience of a permanent installation or costly vehicle modification.
    It can be installed in minutes. Because it is transferable between vehicles and installs in minutes (no tools required), Freedom Staff allows users the ability to drive all family vehicles, rental vehicles and even golf carts.


¿Who would benefit from using Freedom Staff?

The Freedom Staff was originally created to meet the needs of paraplegics and amputees. However, people with a broad spectrum of mobility challenges have discovered the remarkable ease and convenience of driving their vehicles with the help of Freedom staff. This includes people who:

  • Suffers from numbness or weakness in the legs, such as with neuropathy, MS, or other nervous system conditions.
  • Have arthritis in your ankle or knee
  • Have temporary injuries to the legs, ankles, or feet, or have a broken leg
  • Even non-disabled drivers who tried Freedom Staff have commented on how easy it was to install and how quickly they learned to use it.

Some of these testers even pointed out how convenient this product would be to avoid tired legs on long road trips, and expressed an interest in buying a Freedom cane of their own.

Forget about expensive vehicle remodeling: get behind the wheel for a minimal cost. Buy it in Amazon, with a click!

Using the Freedom Staff is much simpler than installing multiple different pieces of vehicle mobility equipment, often including hundreds of dollars in hand controls, wheel knobs and complicated pedal extenders. With no tools or installation required in a matter of minutes, Freedom Staff comes with everything you need for one person to drive with just their hands!

Once limited to the passenger seat, people who want to get back behind the wheel can do so in almost any vehicle: trucks, rental vehicles, golf carts, motorhomes, all can be driven with Freedom personnel.

In addition, many other vehicle adaptor options require financing to be truly affordable. The Freedom Staff is a much cheaper option that doesn’t require financing and still does the job!

What Freedom Staff clients say

“I lost the ability to drive two years ago after losing full use of my right leg due to nerve disease. It was one of the most difficult changes I had to make. However, thanks to these manual controls, I can drive again. My husband and I only have one car, and it’s not in our budget to buy a second car with permanent hand controls right now, so this is the perfect choice for us.

“I like these controls and it works great for me! The device is well constructed, the pedal clamps are securely fastened and driving is easy with just a little practice. – Rehabmart customer review

“This was perfect. My mom is chronically ill. She already has a van for the disabled, but I wanted to let her drive my Mustang. She doesn’t have a grip, so the pull was a little difficult for her (her truck is push / 90 degrees). But we made it work. She had to drive it, and it was great! “- Amazon Review

You can find more information on in-vehicle accessibility in our Milford product blog entry or in our Showroom.

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