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Driving an adapted van gives you more autonomy and freedom

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For a person with a disability and/or reduced mobility, driving a van in the past used to be a difficult adventure. Technical advances did not allow certain types of conversions and the general society was not “prepared” to understand that a person with some type of disability wanted to drive.

Today things have changed and the fact that a person has some kind of physical disability is not a barrier to drive.

If you visit our guide of adaptive van you will find all the solutions and ideas for your vehicle.

Being able to drive with a disability also means great freedom and autonomy for people. This is the situation explained to us by Oliva Shivas in this video, which we shared with Attitude, the New Zealand entity that owns the largest collection of online documentaries in the world, and which tells us real stories of people living with disabilities.


There are different ways to convert a van to the needs of people with disabilities. That also depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend. A car can be converted electronically or mechanically, although the former is usually more expensive and functional. In the case of the second, the system is carried out through pulleys, which in turn are in charge of pressing the accelerator or brake pedal. Everything depends on our preferences, tastes and needs.

Whatever our decision is, nowadays almost all manufacturers can convert their cars for disabled drivers. Once the vehicle is chosen, you can order your own modifications at the dealership, which will contact the relevant company, who will make the modification of the vehicle along with the corresponding approvals.

If you want to know more options to convert your vehicle, you can request it through this button

What things must be taken into account in order to be able to drive an adaptive van.  Aids to the operation of the clutch pedal independent or in combination with other systems (manual clutch, manual clutch and brake, clutch, brake and manual accelerator). Pedals can be inverted (in an automatic car), the pedals base  (for people with reduced height), braking devices and manual accelerator cuff, etc. …

You can see some of these ideas in our magazine.

On the other hand, there is also an adaptation to be able to drive from a wheelchair. Certain vehicles include a device whose electronic anchorage base will be locked and unlocked from a control panel. This way, the wheelchair can be securely attached to the vehicle.

If you are interested or want more information about an adapted car and the requirements that are needed, you can contact us at info@discubre.com.




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