Overhead Crane Molift Air Crane

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Molift AIR is a lightweight, small and discreet overhead lift. Combined with the Molift rail system (MRS), it offers solutions for all types of situations in the field of patient care and mobilization.


  • Characteristics

    Battery operated
    Constant speed along the entire rail, even when working at full load.
    Soft start.
    Stop system when an obstacle is encountered.
    Emergency stop accessible from the ground.
    Manual and electrical emergency lowering.
    The possibility of picking up the patient from the floor.
    Lifting interval of 3 m.
    Load capacity: 205 Kg.
    Aluminum suspension with 4 points to avoid swaying. Maximum stability for the user.
    The possibility of working with all types of harnesses, stretcher and scale.
    The design of the crane allows a quick change of harnesses or the installation of scales without tools.
    A luminous indicator of battery charge level in the control and in the engine.
    Control: with cable but with the possibility of remote control.
    The battery can be charged from the rail.

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