About Us

Back in 2015, we asked ourselves why is it still so hard for people with disability to find information, services or orthopedic supplies. We couldn’t believe that in an era where everything is online there is still very little to improve lives for people with disabilities.

From that day our goal has become empower access. It’s crazy that you still have to waste entire days researching, calling and trusting the professionals of your neighborhood whenever you need something because you can’t find anything better. So we decided to make it easier.

Today Discubre is already the biggest online community of people with disabilities. Our voice gets to more than 100 countries. People visit us to discover new products, find new suppliers and get users opinions.

We want people with disabilities to be able to choose and we want also help manufacturers to reach out their customers faster and easier.

But you want to know what really gets us out of bed in the morning? Your gratefulness, everytime we improve someone’s life, it makes us feel better person and pushes us to continue ahead.